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Restoring the carbon storage capacity of peatlands

Care-Peat is working to reduce carbon emissions and restore the carbon storage capacity of different types of peatlands in North-West Europe. The main goal of Care-Peat is to set up and demonstrate how by using innovative technologies for new restoration and carbon measurement techniques and the involvement of local and regional stakeholders help on carbon footprint reduction. There are two pilot sites in Ireland for CARE-PEAT (Cavemount bog and Cloncrow bog) both of which are in the Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly area.
Important outputs of Care-Peat are the publication of a management and decision support tool and a set of socio-economic models concerning the best options for peatland restoration in regard to carbon storage.
Restoration of Cloncrow Bog, Tyrrellspass, Co Westmeath by Care Peat Ireland, NUIG & NPWS
Peatlands in the EU
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