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Irish Natural Capital Accounting for Sustainable Environments (INCASE)

Funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency, INCASE is a pilot project to apply natural capital accounting principles in Ireland using the UN System of Environmental-Economic Accounts-Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA-EA) to map the stocks and flows of ecosystem and geosystem services, highlight challenges, knowledge and data gaps, and recommend a framework for natural capital accounting. As the video explains, the purpose of these accounts is to support more informed decision-making by policymakers, land owners & managers and a range of other stakeholders, by integrating economic and environmental themes. The INCASE Feasibility Report was published in July 2020 and the project, covering four Irish catchments including the Figile located in County Offaly, runs from 2019-2023. The video ‘Introduction to Natural Capital’ has had over 9,400 views on YouTube since its release in July 2020.
Introduction to Natural Capital Accounting
Feasibility Report
Feasibility Report Appendix
Feasability Report Appendix.JPG
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