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Natural Capital Ireland

Natural Capital Ireland ( is a not-for-profit organisation which leads the conversation on natural capital in Ireland. It comprises organisations and individuals from academia and public, private and NGO sectors interested in the development and application of the natural capital agenda in Ireland. The long-term mission of NCI is to value, protect and restore Ireland’s natural capital and ecosystem services. NCI is doing this by: 1) organising high profile events, seminars, webinars, lectures and meet-ups to promote informed public and private sector decision-making; 2) producing and sharing resources on their website and via social media channels to support the adoption of natural capital concepts in public policy and corporate strategy; 3) connecting NCI members with experts, and; 4) advancing the natural capital agenda in Ireland by participating in original research to assist in the establishment of a national natural capital accounting standard. This includes the INCASE project (also featured in the virtual exhibition) which is piloting natural capital accounting in Ireland. NCI also contributes to draft policy and discussion frameworks at the national level.
Natural Capital on Farmland
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