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Valencia Charter

The Valencia Charter is the document that describes the driving motivation underpinning the work of ENCORE:

“We believe that solutions to global environmental problems can only be achieved by coordinated actions at all levels of government. In accordance with the principle “think global, act local”, regional governments and regional-level solutions have much to contribute. We recognize the importance of regional differences and the opportunity to test new ideas and policies at regional level. It is important that these are taken into account in the formulation of environmental policies, both at national and EU levels”.

This Draft was formally adopted during the ENCORE Conference 2006 as an updated version of the Valencia Charter.

The updated version of the Valencia Charter contains the objectives, the instruments and the priority actions of regional environmental policy in Europe. Compared to the original Valencia Charter of 1995, the updated Charter takes account of new developments in Europe such as the Lisbon Strategy and the Strategy for Sustainable Development.

All European Regions are invited to sign the Charter and send it to the ENCORE Permanent Secretariat.
Regions can also indicate their willingness to sign the Charter, by browsing to “Valencia Charter > Sign the Charter” and tick the box.
For a list of signatories of the Valencia Charter, see Valencia Charter signatories.

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