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Next2Met is an innovative interregional exchange project which aims at increasing attractiveness - for knowledge, opportunities, and capital - of territories located close to metropolitan areas through soft digitalisation measures. The project brings together 6 regional and local actors and 1 Advisory Partner – from Finland, Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland and Poland – sharing this common challenge and working together to implement policy solutions. By focusing on the strengths of territories surrounding metropolitan areas, Next2Met aims to overcome the current bottlenecks to attracting and retaining knowledge, people and capital. Compared to capital regions, ‘next to met’ areas are confronted with a lack of tools and critical mass of research, development and innovation, and therefore struggle with keeping experienced small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as highly-qualified people in the region. Through the project, partners will improve policy instruments, through interregional learning processes, so that public policy supports an increased attractiveness of its territories. Digitalisation, cooperation and specialisation are the cornerstones that this project aims to support.
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