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ENCORE’s driving force is its biennial Conference. At the Conference, regional ministers are able to establish common positions towards EU policies and legislation, as well as exchange good practices as a basis for regional cooperation.

During the current EMRA presidency, the ENCORE network has focused on the themes of Climate Action, Ecosystem Services, and Circular Economy . With the 2021 Conference being hosted in the Irish Midlands, these themes were examined under the lens of the Just Transition process.

A series of virtual events were held this year to prepare for and build the conversation towards the main ENCORE and YouthCORE conferences. Details on these events can be found below.

Road to ENCORE 2021

Several meetings were organised in the first half of the year leading up to the main YouthCORE and ENCORE Conferences in 2021. Below are the agendas from the previous workshops and meetings and a summary of the thematic workshops that were held in May 2021.

March 30th - YouthCore Meeting

May 4th - Recap of TAIEX Session (click for Agenda)

May 18th - Climate Working Group (click for Agenda)

May 25th - YouthCore Meeting (click for Agenda)

September 23rd - YouthCore Conference (click for Agenda)

September 24th - ENCORE Conference (click for Agenda)

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