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Welcome to Tullamore and County Offaly

The historic town of Tullamore in Co. Offaly is the ‘virtual’ venue for our conference and gives its name to the outcome document of ENCORE 2021, the ‘Tullamore Declaration’. Co. Offaly is located in the heart of Ireland’s Midlands, the region at the centre of Ireland’s Just Transition programme. With the cessation of peat harvesting in the region, Co. Offaly is at the forefront of the transition process which is seeking to move our economy and society into a low carbon future.

We invite you to watch the welcome address from Ms. Anna Marie Delaney, the Chief Executive of Offaly County Council. In her address, Ms. Delaney outlines a number of inspiring projects and local initiatives which have been delivered in Offaly and across the Midlands region.

You can also watch the two videos in which Professor John Feehan sets out the story of the Midland Raised bogs over the past 12,000 years, and a video by Dr Catherine Farrell of the INCASE project and Trinity College Dublin who introduces some of the ecology of Co. Offaly’s peatlands: “Bog and Fen

Finally, you can watch “Offaly: Space to Discover” to give you a taste of Co. Offaly, and plan a visit in the future!
Welcome to ENCORE 2021 from Ms. Anna Marie Delaney
Chief Executive of Offaly County Council
5 in Five, Bog and Fen
Welcome to County Offaly
Story of the Bogs - Part One - with John Feehan
Story of the Bogs - Part Two - with John Feehan
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