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Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe
What is ENCORE?

ENCORE is a political platform and forum for Environment Ministers and other relevant political leaders of the regions of Europe relating to environmental and sustainable development issues. ENCORE is dedicated to political cooperation between the regional Environment Ministers in Europe. ENCORE aims to contribute to the effective implementation of EU environmental policy, to improve environmental governance and to foster sustainable development in the regions of Europe.

ENCORE influences policy by:


  • ENCORE provides politicians with a forum for discussing environmental issues of regional significance

  • ENCORE enables regions to establish a common position and exert their collective influence on the formulation of environmental policy within the European Union

  • ENCORE allows cooperation, exchange of experiences, innovation and common activities among regions on environmental issues


The Conference

The conference is ENCORE’s driving force and is intended to be a high political level summit, taking place every two years. The conference shapes and guides the work of the network. It takes stock of the progress made between conferences and approves the political strategy of ENCORE. The three main topics discussed at the last conference 2018 are:

  • Circular Economy

  • Climate Challenges

  • Ecosystem Services



In 2014 the first ENCORE youth conference took place. By involving young people into the discussion about the future environment policy in the European regions, the ENCORE network becomes even more sustainable. YouthCORE takes place in the week before, the output works as a crucial input for the ENCORE conference and ministers discussions.


Political Leader

ENCORE is presided over by the Minister for the Environment or the relevant political leader of the region that will host the next conference together with the equivalent that hosted the last conference. The Co-Presidents lead and promote ENCORE at political level.


Currently, ENCORE is presided over by Eastern & Midland Regional Assembly (Ireland) and Central Denmark Region. The secretary general has representation functions and assists and supports politically. Currently the position is assigned to the Bavarian State Minister of the Environment. The region also hosts the executive office, the ENCORE secretariat. It is responsible for the general coordination of the network under the guidance of the copresidents. Participation is open to all regions in states belonging to the European Union or to the EFTA or in states who will join the EU in the foreseeable future. Participation is voluntary, with no fee and no legal commitments. Members - The Valencia Charter Regions that are considered to be ENCORE members have signed the founding document of ENCORE, the so called Valencia Charter.

Follow this link ​​for past year's ENCORE Conference details and events. 



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